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Estate Planning & Administration in Largo, FL

Guidance & Protection for every American’s life. Like Your Family's.

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Estate Planning & Administration in Largo, FL

Guidance & Protection for every American’s life. Like Business Owners.

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Estate Planning & Administration in Largo, FL

Guidance & Protection for every American’s life. Like Home Owners.

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5/5 Star Service

Javier eased our minds.

Mr. Centonzio provided us with legal advice that eased our worries, concerns and anxiety concerning an elder law issue. He was thorough and gave us sound advice in a timely manner. We now know what direction to take concerning our loved one.

- Steve

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Every American deserves to protect what they worked hard for & ensure their wishes are respected.

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A veteran of both the U. S. Marine Corps and Kansas Army National Guard, Javier Centonzio is an esteemed attorney with a unique perspective on the importance of defending what matters. Centonzio Law was built to help everyone – plan for the future & provide peace of mind.

Proper estate planning and access to Florida’s probate courts should be available to every American. While once reserved mainly for the wealthy, Javier blends skill and a passion for effective representation to make estate planning and the probate system more accessible and affordable.

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Our Florida Estate
Planning Services.

You’re never too young or old. But you can be too late. We explore every option and put the right plans into action.

A proper estate plan provides peace of mind for your assets, protection for your family, and ensures your wishes are honored.


Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning Documents

A will or trust certifies that your property is distributed according to your wishes, and it’s not just for the super-rich. Virtually everyone benefits from properly drafted and enforceable estate planning documents that make everything clear.

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Power of Attorney & Advance Directives

Absent a POA or advance directive; a Florida court may decide what happens to you or your assets if you can no longer make decisions. Let us draft an individualized plan for your family that gives you a say.

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Probate is the legal process of administering a person’s estate. This means you still have options if someone passes without a will. It can be complex, but that shouldn’t discourage you. Whether someone died with a will (testate) or without a will (intestate), we can guide you through Florida’s probate courts with sound advice.

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Estate Planning: Key Benefits

Estate planning should be a priority for every adult with assets and a family to protect.

  • Provide for Your Family
  • Establish Custody
  • Minimize Expense
  • Reduce Taxes
  • Avoid Court
  • Distribute Property Faster
  • Plan Your Retirement
  • Make Important Decisions Now
  • Support a Cause
  • Transfer Your Business
  • Get Through Probate Successfully
  • Ease Your Mind

Our Estate Planning Process

Our estate planning lawyers in Pinellas County work with you to determine the most appropriate strategies. Our approach is as unique as you are – regardless of wealth or marital status.

Step 1: Assess Your Estate

The process begins with a careful estate planning analysis, including what you hope to achieve. We’ll conduct an inventory of your assets, interests, debts, expenses you anticipate, and your family’s needs.

Step 2: Develop a Plan

With a clear picture in place, we’ll craft a legally enforceable and exhaustive estate plan that safeguards assets and establishes a strategy to deal with sudden illness, injuries, and death.

Step 3: Document Your Wishes

Don’t assume family members will know your final wishes. We’ll document everything and walk you through designating an executor, beneficiaries, and individuals to act on your behalf.

Step 4: Execute & Reassess

We’ll present you with all the documents and info specific to your plan. Since things will undoubtedly change, we’ll also come up with the best way to keep things up-to-date.

Estate Planning Law: Info & Insight


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