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Elder Law Attorney in Largo, Florida

Elder Law Attorney in Largo, Florida

Largo elder law attorney Javier Centonzio and his entire team share a commitment to serving the legal needs of seniors and individuals with disabilities.  As people grow older, their need for special care and assistance often evolve because of debilitating illnesses and/or diminished physical or mental capacity.  While coping with financial challenges and estate planning can be daunting even if you remain in exemplary health, experienced Largo elder law lawyers can help you navigate important issues related to aging or disability.  These issues can include arrangements for medical care, financial planning, estate management, and other legal issues that impact older and disabled individuals in Largo and the surrounding areas of Florida. Our law firm offers the advantage of extensive experience and established legal expertise in the full spectrum of elder law matters. Visit our Elder Law Frequently Asked Questions Page for additional information.

Understanding the Range of Elder Law Issues 

While many attorneys handle issues that might fall within the broad rubric of this area of law, elder law issues cover a broad spectrum, so seniors and disabled individuals benefit from working with a law firm that devotes a substantial amount of its practice to handling these issues.  If you work with elder law attorney Javier Centonzio, you will benefit from working with an attorney devoted to keeping up to date on changing Florida laws that impact the elderly and the disabled.  Some of the elder law issues we handle for clients include:

Medicaid Planning and Long-Term Care Planning: Financial planning provides a critical step in ensuring that you fully enjoy your “golden years” without unnecessary stress.  We can advise you regarding appropriate arrangements to manage your financial situation without compromising your ability to qualify for Medicaid and other benefits available under Florida law.  We carefully evaluate your income, assets, and debts, so we can construct a trust or alternative solution to ensure your eligibility for Medicaid benefits.   This approach can facilitate your ability to maintain a comfortable standard of living while providing practical financial solutions for you and your family.

Veterans Benefits: The benefits received by veterans can significantly ease the financial challenges associated with retirement. Elder law attorney Javier Centonzio understands the sacrifices made by veterans because he also served his country in the U.S. Marine Corps and Kansas Army National Guard.  He and his friends both have firsthand experience with the frustration that often accompanies dealing with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  Our law firm shares a special commitment to fighting for the benefits members of the military have earned through their service to our country.  As a proven veteranbenefits law firm, we can work with you to devise lawful strategies to reduce the value of your assets that affect your financial eligibility for a Veterans Pension (e.g. Aid and Attendance) for you or your surviving spouse.  Our goal is to protect your assets while pursuing all applicable long-term care benefits that you are entitled to receive.

Asset Protection: During your life, you work hard to build a financial legacy that might include assets with significant value, such as real estate, insurance policies, investments, and pensions. While these assets provide financial security, they can be vulnerable without thoughtful asset protection planning. These assets also can disqualify your for eligibility for some public benefit programs that would assist with the cost of assisted-living facilities or long-term care.  At Centonzio law, we work with clients to devise solutions that allow our clients to protect the wealth that they have spent a lifetime accumulating while maximizing their access to public benefits that can ease the financial burden of long-term care or assisted living.

Preparing for Your Consultation with an Elder Law Attorney in Largo, Florida

When you attend your initial consultation with Javier Centonzio and our elder law team, the focus of this meeting will revolve around three objectives:

  • Providing a thorough understanding of your options along with the potential benefits of each of these strategies
  • Reviewing your situation in depth to ensure a clear recognition of your current situation
  • Furnishing support and guidance through the plan of action that best serves the interests of you and your family

When you come tosee us during your first consultation, you can enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of this meeting by bringing the following materials:

Relevant Documents: If you have received any documents relevant to your Aid and Attendance (pension payments), Medicaid, or other benefits, you should bring these materials so that we can review the paperwork.  Even if you have been denied benefits, you should bring in your denial letters and keep a record of any other communications.  We will analyze the documents and review your situation for a basis to reapply or appeal the decision denying benefits.  If you schedule an appointment with us for estate planning, you should bring any existing estate planning documents and documents that provide a full picture of your financial situation, so Largo elder law attorney Javier Centonzio and our team can craft the most effective estate plan to fit your unique needs.

Prepare a List of Concerns & Questions: While our law firm brings extensive legal and practical knowledge regarding elder law issues and benefits, you know the most about your circumstances, objectives, and needs. If you come prepared with your questions and concerns, this information will provide a starting place for the creationof a plan of action to address your legal issues in an effective and efficient manner.  At Centonzio Law, we firmly adhere to a philosophy that the information provided by clients offers the foundation for achieving workable solutions.

Why an Experienced Elder Law Lawyer Can Make A Difference

While many factors will impact the resolution of your legal issue, a proven Largo elder law attorney with a track record of successful results and effective estate planning solutions can make a dramatic difference in the resolution of your case. Our legal team can provide a litany of advantages, including the following:

  • Experience handling a broad range of elder law issues
  • Keen insight in navigating eligibility criteria for public benefits programs
  • An understanding of common estate planning mistakes and omissions
  • Detailed knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the many types of estate planning solutions and documents
  • Tailoring our legal services to fit your specific needs and budget from a comprehensive estate plan to an individual legal document dealing with a specific immediate problem

Providing Exemplary Legal Planning and Document Preparation for Seniors & the Disabled

At Centonzio Law, we recognize that elder law involves more than document preparation.  Our goal is to work closely with our clients to craft effective solutions that address their goals in a workable fashion. Largo elder law attorney Javier Centonzio and his entire staff offer individualized attention, effective legal strategies, and legal advice our clients can trust.  If you are a senior, former member of the armed services, or a disabled person, we welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your situation.  Call us today at 727-900-7290.

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