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Acquiring Medicaid Eligibility

Voluminous paperwork required for processing Medicaid eligibility is overwhelming. Javier executed definitive lists of documents needed to apply for aid for my husband who has terminal brain cancer. He streamlined the process with easy to understand reasoning of what and why it was important to have financial paperwork in order and in a timely manner. He and his team personally assisted in contacting those institutions that I needed to return my calls when I was stretched to the limit with attending to my husbands personal care. Our family is grateful to have found a superb lawyer in our time of emotional upheaval. Countless time he answered repetitive questions I could not grasp regarding what it was I was to ask for from representatives or why it was necessary. He notified me of progress, and listened to my concerns, offering knowledgeable, constructive advice. Javier offers true compassion to our family situation yet lends that strong guidance and perseverance needed to deliver the Eligibility approval. Living wills, durable power of attorney, health surrogate, advanced directives and wills in general are also important to create. The majority of people shy away from planning for the aforementioned because those topics are depressing. Javier processed these documents efficiently which helped to take away the sting of pain associated with this necessary evil that I knew eventually our family would have to address.

- Janice

Invaluable in helping me through a difficult time.

Javier was invaluable in helping me through a difficult time. After my husband passed away suddenly from a massive heart attack at the age of 63, I was devastated. On top of everything, to learn that because we didn’t have our wills completed I would need to probate his estate, I didn’t know which way to turn. Javier walked me through the process and made it easy. He answered all my questions. Not only did I hire him to take care of my husband’s probate, but I had him take care of all my estate planning needs as well. Because of Javier’s knowledge of estate planning, and specifically with the various Florida statutes, he was able to complete all the necessary documents quickly and easily. Now I can rest assured that in the event something happens to me, my will and revocable trust will make things easier for my four children, and I know Javier will take care of anything that comes up.

- Debbie